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PGCE – Sheffield Hallam University

SHU are committed to bringing quality and inventiveness to their teaching. They provide outstanding, on going support in every area to help ensure you have a fulfilling and successful experience.

SHU tutors will attend Bluecoat SCITT Alliance Training Centre to deliver the PGCE content for both Primary and Secondary trainees throughout the year (4 sessions).

You will undertake two assignments worth 30 credits each.

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Programme aims

To enable you to become a successful NQT of Secondary Education with the ability to reflect critically on your practice and take responsibility for your own continuing professional development.

To build upon your existing skills and competencies to produce confident, effective and enthusiastic NQTs of Secondary Education.

To enable you to meet and exceed the mandatory professional standards for beginning teachers who are ready to undertake employment as an NQT.

To build your knowledge and understanding of Education and your appreciation of the role and importance that your subject plays in the effective education of young people

To help you to support the learning and development of young people by providing a supply of well-qualified NQTs to meet both regional and national supply.

To enable you to contribute towards curriculum development and innovation in partner schools whilst on school based training.

Programme Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the content, organisation and management of the whole school curriculum and progression in the content and delivery of the Secondary Education curriculum in the secondary school.

Access and apply relevant academic and professional publications and research findings in relation to your subject-specialism and the wider curriculum in order to inform your effective classroom practice.

Select and reflect upon a variety of effective strategies for teaching, monitoring pupil progress, promoting equality of opportunity and catering for pupils with special educational needs.

Recognise, acknowledge and fulfil a teacher’s legal, ethical and whole-school responsibilities to children in their care and to fellow professionals, parents and carers.

Intellectual / Subject / Professional / Key Skills / covered within the Programme

Critically reflect on current literature, practice, legislation and emerging issues in order to inform your own professional practice.

Devise sustained and informed arguments relating to a variety of educational issues, supported by relevant evidence.

Select, apply and critically evaluate available methods and techniques to enhance and improve your subject knowledge and understanding in learning, teaching and assessment in Secondary Education.

Plan, implement and evaluate sequences of lessons in Secondary Education selecting and utilising an appropriate range of teaching and assessment techniques to support effective teaching and learning.

Take responsibility for your own conduct and professional development, making use of self evaluation and reflecting upon feedback to inform and develop your professional practice.

Take increasing responsibility for the learning and development of individual pupils in your care.

Achieve all the statutory professional requirements for the award of QTS communicate information and ideas clearly in a written and verbal format appropriate for different audiences and make appropriate use of ICT.

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