Welcome to the beginning of an exciting journey, which will see you develop into an autonomous and analytical teacher. A teacher who relishes a challenge, will take risks and who sees, not a class and a lesson plan, but a group of individuals with particular needs to be met through thorough planning, creativity, personalisation and flexibility – a sense of humour also helps!

During the course, you will work with talented staff who have a great range of experience and expertise which will open up many opportunities for you, for example; a far range of T&L strategies, the teaching of phonics, ENGLISH Literature and ENGLISH Language at KS5, the role of drama within the classroom; working with EAL students and students from the full range of academic ability, as well as widely ranging backgrounds and cultures.

The English departments thrive on collaboration and sharing; making for a supportive, creative team which will nurture, challenge and engage.

The aim of this course is to train you to be an ENGLISH teacher. The ENGLISH subject specific sessions will be taught predominantly at Bluecoat SCITT Alliance Nottingham.

The course materials aim to:

  • Fulfil and support the general aims of the Bluecoat SCITT Alliance Nottingham ITT Programme as set out in the submitted scheme;
  • Develop competencies specific to the teaching of English according to the National Curriculum, National Strategy and to the standards laid down by the National College.
  • Ensure that trainees are competent professionals and effective teachers of English.
  • Encourage an enthusiasm for English education.
  • Encourage trainees to elicit an enthusiasm for English in their students.

Encourage trainees to challenge pupils and to meet their individual needs through personalisation.

What is English?

ENGLISH is a skill based subject, taught through shared schemes of work, differentiated appropriately for individual groups. Through KS3 – 5, these skills are progressively addressed with increasing complexity and depth as students are prepared to be autonomous and resilient learners. Long and medium term plans are consistent across all classes, but staff are free to adapt and create individual lesson plans (although there is a shared bank of lessons which staff can use or adapt.) These schemes are continuously evaluated and adapted and all staff, are involved in their development and creation.

At all key stages, staff keep individual records of all levelled work in order to track progress of their individual groups as well as maintaining shared tracking which allows for a strong overview of student progress across all classes and key stages.

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