Ofsted Report 2017


Leadership of the provision is a strength, particularly the leadership of the head of the SCITT. Leaders have a clear moral purpose and an ambition to ensure that the provision best meets the needs of trainees. There is strong commitment, passion and skill to train the very best teachers and for them to be employed within the East Midlands.

There is very strong and effective engagement of schools within the partnership, which is evident in their key role in the recruitment of trainees and in their contribution to strategic planning and strong understanding of the partnership’s priorities.

Completion and employment rates have rapidly improved in the two years since the partnership opened. Completion rates are broadly in line with the national average. Employment rates are above the national average. The provider is meeting local needs well, by providing good-quality teachers in a region where it is difficult to recruit.

Trainees have high standards of professionalism, which are demonstrated by their high expectations of themselves and their pupils, their rigorous planning, excellent professional conduct and wider contribution to their employing schools.

Trainees receive high-quality and tailored support in response to their emerging needs. This ensures that any trainees experiencing difficulties are quickly identified and then supported effectively.

High-quality subject training takes place weekly. This is well planned and carefully focused so that trainees are quickly able to apply their learning and research in classroom situations”

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