Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Your application form is looked at very carefully. In particular, once you have met the basic entry criteria we are interested in your personal statement, your qualifications and your experience.

Use the personal statement to your best advantage and tell us why you want to teach and will make a good teacher. Make sure that you have given us a clear indication of the subject content of your degree. We will also look at whether you have taken care to present your application form professionally.

On the basis of our consideration of your application form, we will decide whether to invite you for an interview.

When you come for an interview, there are likely to be other applicants being interviewed alongside you. We are keen to see that you can work collaboratively with others. The criteria we will use at interview to decide whether or not we offer you a place on the course are:

  • an awareness of current educational issues;
  • a realistic and positive view of schools and schooling;
  • an open and enquiring mind;
  • clear reasons for wanting to teach at the level for which you have applied;
  • motivation and commitment to teaching pupils of all levels of ability;
  • maturity and self-confidence;
  • an appropriate level of subject knowledge in your chosen subject for secondary applicants.

You will be interviewed by staff working in Initial Teacher Training and staff from your chosen subject area. You may be asked to carry out certain tasks that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. The letter of invitation will give you details about specific requirements or expectations.

To give you an idea you will be asked to undertake;

  • a short engagement activity (mini lesson)
  • a short literacy activity
  • a formal interview

We will inform you of our decision as soon as possible after your interview (via DfE Apply portal). If you are given a conditional offer of a place on the course, you will receive a pack of information describing the steps you should take next. The conditional offer will become unconditional when we have received your acceptance and all the necessary clearances and documentation.

We appreciate this is a rigorous and thorough process but we (and you) need to be sure that teaching is for you!



What reflections do you have on your experiences of learning and of supporting others to learn? Think about your own learning in and out of school, how you have helped others to improve at something and whether you could have done anything differently



Why do you want to become a teacher? Consider the experiences that have inspired you to apply for teacher training



What skills do you have that will make you a good teacher? Think about the qualities your favourite teachers have and research the classroom practice of being a great teacher



How do you establish rapport with others to achieve shared goals? Work out how you can demonstrate that you work well with people of different ages, backgrounds and levels of experience



What qualities do you have that will make you a good teacher? Don’t forget your softer skills, such as patience, kindness, approachability and empathy



Why are you passionate about joining the teaching profession? Come up with your top three reasons why this is the career for you



What have you found challenging and how did you deal with it? Find an example of a challenge you’ve overcome, and explain what you learnt and how you can apply this to future challenges

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