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Primary Training: 5 – 11 age range
Secondary Training 11 – 16 age range (with Post 16 experience)
14 – 19 are range (Business and Social Science only)

The programme focuses on the new Teachers’ Standards as well as subject specific areas for each key stage. The course allows trainees to meet the required Standards for the programme using a diverse range of classroom based development opportunities embracing secondary, sixth form and special or alternative education provision. Trainees will follow the course developing subject knowledge characterised by the development of theoretical application and understanding of learning, followed by practical development, followed by reflection and further research.

The course has been carefully structured to guide you through your transformation from a skilled practitioner to a confident teacher within a practical learning environment. Your choice to begin this course was just the beginning of your journey to learn and understand how to capture the observations and curiosity of young, aspiring children.

You will be based in your placement school Monday to Thursday each week.  On Friday all trainees come together for the pedagogy session (am) and subject specialism sessions (pm) held in the SCITT Training Centre, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham.

You will be assigned a Subject Lead/Phase Lead. They will help you with specific subject issues and lead the Friday afternoon subject sessions.

You will have your own Mentor on each placement. This is an experienced teacher in your subject. They will give you an hour’s 1:1 mentoring session every week. They will also be the first person you should ask when you need help.

In addition to others in the department, you will also work with colleagues in the SCITT, throughout the Academy, in learning support and the Senior Leadership Team who will be pro-active in helping you. One of the advantages of choosing ITT is that you spend a significant amount of time in schools which have been selected because they want to train new entrants to the profession to become outstanding practitioners.

In the Spring Term you will undertake a short second placement in a different school setting to your main placement.  You will also undertake time in an SEND setting, and develop understanding about EAL.

We incorporate READING DAYS into the calendar to support your PGCE.


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