Why our trainees chose Bluecoat SCITT Teacher Training

Why our trainees chose Bluecoat SCITT Teacher Training

Jak – Business Studies (Salaried)

During the interview process, it was very clear that the programme is extremely well managed and places the progress of trainee teachers and their pupils at the heart of what they do. A highlight was during a recent round of ‘teacher appreciation” receiving cards from students in my class. This makes it all worthwhile, and that the students recognise and appreciate all the hard work you put in.

I was fortunate that I had enough experience to follow the salaried route; I believe that you learn best from doing and the salaried programme at Bluecoat has allowed me to take full responsibility, and build rapports with my classes from the very first day.

Katherine – MFL

Prior to completing my school experience I was not sure which route to follow into teaching, but my time in school made me realise that I wanted to spend the majority of my time in a school, in order to immerse myself in to school life, and learn about the day-to-day experience, as well as being part of a department, and school. The department were really welcoming and enthusiastic, they had time to talk to me about my plans and give me an insight into life as a trainee teacher on a school based training route. I heard great things from Bluecoat SCITT NQTs in the school about the programme, and their experience, so I decided that it would be my first choice for teacher training.

Callum – Biology

I chose Bluecoat SCITT after doing my school experience days at Bluecoat. I’d visited other schools in the area which were nice; but the atmosphere wasn’t as fun, and fast paced as I found it at Bluecoat. The staff are well versed in training teachers and pragmatic about the challenges you face, they do nothing but help and support you from day one; even if it’s just a cup of tea and catch up. My highlight was coming back from my second placement to my classes, to see they had missed me and my teaching.

Beth – Primary

I chose Bluecoat SCITT after having the programme recommended by a friend who was on the course at the time. While I interviewed for other providers, the friendly atmosphere and the emphasis the staff placed on the continual development, and wellbeing of SCITT trainees made Bluecoat an easy choice. The support of the SCITT is a real strength, and the staff are always on hand to talk, whether it’s about upcoming lessons, PGCE assignments or securing NQT jobs. One of my highlights from the year was definitely heading back to my main placement school to find the children in my Year 2 class had written me cards with things they were excited to tell me and to say that they’d missed me.

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