Why go into Teaching?

Why go into Teaching?

Your future, Their Future!

  • The impact and reward of making a difference in a young person’s life is limitless!
  • Career progress, opportunities and job security
  • Good teachers are in demand and there are excellent employment prospects
  • Teacher training will prepare you to become a confident, knowledgeable and skilled classroom practitioner
  • School based training (SCITT) is increasingly popular
  • Starting salaries in teaching are higher than you think

Where best to start but at the beginning! Following a school based teacher training route means you start in school on day 1 (but not teaching!), you are a member of the school staff and part of day to day life, and it’s important to experience the start of an academic year and new term with everyone else.  It doesn’t compare to coming in during the spring term on a placement block!

You are fully supported, and you build your timetable up as the first term progresses, getting to know your classes and building relationships with the staff and students.

Life as a teacher offers you all the opportunities, training, support and rewards you need to develop and build a stimulating and successful career.

A teaching career offers, not only a rewarding and valued professional purpose in your contribution to the life-long learning and progress of our young people, but your own personal learning, development and long term career prospects.  There are no limits to what you can achieve, with the confidence, knowledge and skills to do so.  Bluecoat SCITT Alliance are here to allow you to be as ambitious and aspirational as you desire.

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