Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

The programme covers a range of sessions and focuses on the new Teachers’ Standards as well as subject specific areas for each key stage. The course allows trainees to meet the required Standards for the programme using a diverse range of classroom based development opportunities embracing secondary, sixth form and special or alternative education provision. Trainees will follow the course developing subject knowledge characterised by the development of theoretical application and understanding of learning, followed by practical development, followed by reflection and further research.

The aim of this course is to train you to be a MODERN LANGUAGES teacher. The MODERN LANGUAGES subject specific sessions will be taught predominantly at Bluecoat SCITT Alliance Nottingham.

The course materials aim to:

  • Fulfil and support the general aims of the Bluecoat SCITT Alliance Nottingham ITT Programme as set out in the submitted scheme;
  • Develop competencies specific to the teaching of Modern Languages (French & Spanish) according to the National Curriculum, National Strategy and to the standards laid down by the National College.
  • Ensure that trainees are competent professionals and effective teachers of Modern Languages.
  • Encourage an enthusiasm for MODERN LANGUAGES education.
  • Encourage trainees to elicit an enthusiasm for MODERN LANGUAGESMODERN LANGUAGES in their students.
  • Encourage trainees to challenge pupils and to meet their individual needs through personalisation.

What is Modern Language?

MODERN LANGUAGES is based on pedagogical excellence in the art of instructing the candidate to teach forms of communication in a foreign language. Vocabulary and grammar naturally form the cornerstones of the language to be learnt along with a heavy emphasis on skills and application of patterns previously presented to encourage Higher Order Thinking Skills and independent learners who will not expect to be fed information but rather be taught skills to seek out the final answers for themselves.

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