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Meet the Teacher Training Team

Rebecca Underhill – Director of Bluecoat SCITT

Becky has many years of experience working and teaching in schools, with a Masters in Education from Warwick University. She began her career as a Teach First Biology teacher working at Bluecoat Academy. Her leadership qualities were identified early on, along with her interest and passion for supporting early and beginning teachers, undertaking the role of ITE Co-ordinator.  In 2013 as the newly appointed SCITT Manager she was heavily involved with the SCITT’s inception, programme planning and strategic development, taking up the role as Head of SCITT in 2016.  In more recent years she developed her role as a Strategic School Leader following the NPQSL programme. Becky’s strong leadership qualities were acknowledge in the first OFSTED inspection, along with a real sense of moral purpose for education and teaching. Becky puts the heart of the SCITT; its vision and commitment to trainees past, present and future in all she does to ensure the best possible outcomes for the trainees that join the programme.

Mary Mills – SCITT Secondary Phase Lead

Mary has extensive experience working and teaching in secondary schools as a Biology teacher, as well as NQT and Initial Teacher Training Mentor.  She also followed a school based training route herself so has a solid insight into the expectations and format of this route.  Mary is an accredited Mentor & Coaching Trainer, supporting both ITT and the wider staff development within Archway Learning Trust.  Mary has in-depth knowledge and experience working with beginning teachers; she works closely with our trainees and partner school staff, offering pastoral support with well-being and leading the Trainee Voice Group.

Julie Heffernan – SCITT Business Manager

Julie has been with Archway Learning Trust for over ten years. Joining the SCITT at its inception, she was central to the development of the administrative and financial functions of the SCITT, and ensuring its compliance and quality assurance.  She forms a pivotal role in the links with our partner schools and relevant stakeholders.

Fiona Smith – SCITT Primary Phase Lead

Fiona has extensive experience working within Nottingham City primary schools and training within Nottinghamshire herself. She has co-ordinated on multiple subjects across the Primary Curriculum, led a range of school-wide improvement projects and contributed towards research projects in core subject areas. Fiona has a passion for supporting and working alongside both trainee teachers, and more experienced colleagues, where she has a range of experience both from her role as a class teacher and as a leader within school. Throughout all of this, Fiona has developed a secure understanding and enthusiasm for the Primary Curriculum with a particular interest in developing and supporting new teachers at the very start of their career. Fiona now plays a vital role in using her teaching experience to deliver the pedagogy sessions for the Bluecoat SCITT programme alongside other lead teachers, as well as developing the Primary programme as a subject specialist.

Lorrell Hunter – SCITT Administrator

Lorrell is the first port of call for our trainees, visitors and schools, and those interested in teacher training, and plays a significant role in the recruitment process.


You will be supported by a Subject Lead Specialist. They will help you with specific curriculum subject knowledge and lead the Friday Subject Sessions mapped out in the curriculum handbook.


Each of our partner schools will have an ITT Co-ordinator.  This is usually a senior leader within the school, responsible for ensuring the professional development of trainees during their school placement.


You will have your own Subject Mentor on each placement. This is an experienced teacher in your subject. They will give you an hour’s 1:1 mentoring session every week. They will work closely with you supporting your progress throughout the year.

They will also be the first person you should ask when you need help.

We are not a TEAM because we work together.  We are a TEAM because we respect, trust and care for each other!


Sian Hampton – CEO Archway Learning Trust & SCITT Accounting Officer

Sian has over 25 years’ experience working in schools in the East Midlands region.  Sian has been active in school leadership for over 15 years and is a designated National Leader of Education. Sian has overseen the development of the Trust from one school to 9 including opening a brand new primary and secondary school and a SCITT. In less than three years the first sponsored school in the Multi Academy Trust  moved from Special Measures to Good and there are plans for continued growth.

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