What are we looking for?

What are we looking for?

We are looking for your potential to become a trainee teacher.  About you …..

  • A desire to teach and work with young people

Obviously you need to like young people and enjoy working with them. We would like to see evidence of observation and participation in schools as this strengthens your application and shows your commitment

  • Effective communication skills

All teachers need to be able to communicate well. But don’t worry – we won’t expect you to arrive on day one fully confident in addressing large groups of people! During the year you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make and you’ll get lots of practical support from us.

  • A commitment to work hard on the course

Yes, we do expect you to work hard and be committed, but the work will be rewarding. Teaching is a job where you can really make a difference to young people’s lives.

  • Determination to succeed

If we offer you a place on the course our teachers and partnership schools will work hard in helping you make a success of it, and you must demonstrate equal commitment.

  • A readiness to listen and share

Teaching is about working with others – pupils, colleagues, parents and carers. By working in our schools we encourage you to work collaboratively, both with other students and with our teachers. We think this is the best way of learning to teach effectively.

  • A flexible approach to learning and teaching

You need to be open to new ideas, not too set in your ways, willing to review your own progress and reflect on the new situations in which you will find yourself. You also need to be organised and independent. By the end of the year you will be taking responsibility for other people’s learning as well as your own.

  • Potential to be an outstanding trainee teacher

Our aim is to identify your aptitude and potential to meet the Teachers’ Standards at the highest level, and to meet the demands of the school based QTS Programme.

  • Professional & Personal Conduct

A clear commitment to demonstrating consistently high standards of personal and professional conduct as expected by DfE Teachers’ Standards.

Successful applicants must uphold public trust in the profession and maintain high standards of ethics and behaviour, within and outside school, as outlined in Part 2 of the Teachers’ Standards.

How We Select Our Trainees

Process for recruitment and selection to our course

Bluecoat SCITT Alliance will conduct an initial eligibility check to determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria. Your application will then be screened for shortlisting, and a decision made whether to offer you an interview. If you are offered an interview this will be at the lead school for the phase range. The interview process will include you giving a short presentation, being observed in a classroom setting, a group activity, and a formal interview, as well as the opportunity to ask any questions.

If you are successful at this interview you will be offered a conditional or unconditional place.

  • Your application

Your application form is looked at very carefully. In particular, once you have met the basic entry criteria we are interested in your personal statement, your qualifications and your experience.

Use the personal statement to your best advantage and tell us why you want to teach and will make a good teacher. Make sure that you have given us a clear indication of the subject content of your degree. We will also look at whether you have taken care to present your application form professionally.

On the basis of our consideration of your application form, and the academic references that accompany it, we will decide whether to invite you for an interview.

  • Your interview

When you come for an interview, there are likely to be other applicants being interviewed alongside you. We are keen to see that you can work collaboratively with others. The criteria we will use at interview to decide whether or not we offer you a place on the course are:

  • an awareness of current educational issues;
  • a realistic and positive view of schools and schooling;
  • an open and enquiring mind;
  • clear reasons for wanting to train to teach;
  • motivation and commitment to teaching pupils of all levels of ability;
  • maturity and self-confidence;
  • an appropriate level of subject knowledge in your chosen subject for secondary applicants

You will be interviewed by staff working in Initial Teacher Training. You may be asked to carry out certain tasks that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills, individually or in groups. The letter of invitation will give you details about specific requirements or expectations.

Interviews will take place throughout the year

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