Wellbeing & Support

Wellbeing & Support

Bluecoat SCITT Alliance values all staff and trainee teachers affiliated with its programme of training, and the contribution they make to the teaching profession.

We offer a supportive network to help trainees work to the best of their abilities, committed to meeting our moral duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of our trainees and staff , and  to recognise  the challenges (both organisational and personal) associated with physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We provide an open, inclusive and supportive culture which promotes awareness to personal wellbeing, and self care, and where those affected are encouraged to discuss problems and possible solutions.

Our support network includes;

  • Mental Health First Aiders within the SCITT team able to signpost further support, advice and help
  • Early Career Coach who is a Well Being Champion and member of the Trust Well Being Committee
  • Professional tutor for regular check in meetings to support progress – including being a member of a small tutorial group to share experiences
  • Trainee weekly questionnaire to the SCITT team to let us know how your week is going and any support you may require
  • Trainee Representative group to allow trainees to have their voice heard as part of our Teacher Training community
  • School mentor to support with your teaching practice in school
  • Subject specialist to support embedding subject specific teaching practice
  • School Co-ordinator to support your school placement
  • SCITT Alumni – we have lots ex trainees in our schools now who will be happy to help you along the way if you have any questions. They are an empathetic ear, having experienced the teacher training journey first hand!  Some may now be Mentors, Co-coordinators or Heads of Department themselves.

Well Being Support & Advice

Education Support Organisation

The only UK charity dedicated to improving the wellbeing and mental health of education staff in schools, colleges and universities. The support is available to anyone who works in schools about all kinds of issues including:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Stressed or anxious
  • Personal issues
  • Financial information
  • Issues of work-life balance

Grant Service Support

Counselling and support Helpline

Helpline: 08000 562 561 Text Helpline: 07909 341229. The helpline is free and available to all teachers, lecturers and staff in education (primary, secondary, further or higher education) in England, Wales and Scotland 24/7, 365 days a year.

 “The counsellor gave me permission to feel what I was feeling. I would say to anyone considering calling… get in touch as soon as you feel things aren’t right as it really helped me.”

Bright Sky – A charity there for anyone in an abusive relationship or if you are worried about someone you know. They give support and advice to those in need, but also allow you to spot the signs in friends, family or colleagues. Available both online and as an app.

Calm – A mental fitness app, that focuses on guiding you through facing life’s ups and down. This can be anything from managing stress and anxiety, helping you sleep better at night or guided meditation.

Headspace – Similarly to Calm this is an app that promotes mindfulness. Headspace has programs designed to help you sleep, exercise, meditate and focus on tasks. You can also access blog posts on topics such as how to become a morning person, creating a mindful home office and mindful eating.

Shout – This is free and confidential service, available to anyone 24/7. All advice is done over text message, where they will listen without judgement and help you make a plan to cope and work through your feelings.

StayAlive – A free app supported by the NHS that aims to prevent Suicide. They work on an individual and confidential basis to give you the tools and information needed to stay safe during a crisis.

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