School Direct Salaried Route

It is designed for high quality experienced graduates, who are career changers and who have had a minimum of three years’ career experience prior to the start of the programme (consideration will be given if you are a high-quality graduate with less than three years’ work experience, please contact Bluecoat SCITT Alliance to discuss your application further.  You will be required to show that your experience is substantial, and that you are ready to work in the classroom.

Employment, and in school training, begin on the first day of the Autumn Term and will continue until the end of the Summer Term.  For the duration of the programme you would be employed by the school as an unqualified teacher and undertake two additional alternative school placements.

Pre-employment induction training in preparation for the start of term will be necessary. You will start teaching from the start of the course with a progressing weekly teaching timetable.

All applications must be made via UCAS – UTT apply

Although all applications are made via UCAS the application form itself does not provide us with all of the information we require for the salaried route. Applicants are asked to complete two additional forms.

Skills Audit

Gives us specific information about your school experience and subject knowledge  – this is required if you are shortlisted for interview

Employment Application

If shortlisted and made an offer applicants will be required to complete all recruitment forms for the school at which they will be employed.


Course Content

The Bluecoat SCITT Alliance programme aims to develop confident, reflective practitioners who are willing to critically evaluate and develop their own practice in the light of experience, research evidence and current educational thinking. The programme will equip trainees with the pedagogical subject knowledge required to enter the teaching profession.

The programme focuses on the new Teachers’ Standards as well as subject specific areas for each key stage. The course allows trainees to meet the required Standards for the programme using a diverse range of classroom based development opportunities embracing secondary, sixth form and special or alternative education provision. Trainees will follow the course developing subject knowledge characterised by the development of theoretical application and understanding of learning, followed by practical development, followed by reflection and further research.

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