How to Apply

Your Personal Statement

There’s a single application for all of your choices, and this includes a personal statement.

Your personal statement is your opportunity to let your chosen training providers know about your qualities, skills and expertise, and why you want to be a teacher.

You can only complete one personal statement for all the choices you make in both Round1 and Round 2. You can’t change it or create different ones for your choices.

Explain why you have chosen your particular subject and/or age range (for Primary), and the skills and attributes you have that make them appropriate for you.

What to include

Think carefully about the things we will want to know about you. You’ll probably want to include things like:

  • your reason(s) for wanting to teach
  • evidence that you understand the rewards and challenges of teaching
  • details of your previous education and how you have benefited from it
  • any other work with young people, such as helping with a youth club, working at a summer camp or running a sports team
  • the range of relevant abilities and skills you can bring to teaching, for example, practical experience, managing people, working with or leading a team, and communication skills
  • any reasons why there may be restrictions on your geographical mobility
  • why you want to study in the UK, if you don’t currently live here
  • whether you’ve taken part in the School Experience Programme organised by the DfE

In addition to the details you give in the school and work experience section, you can also expand on your experience of teaching, such as visits to schools, classroom observations or working as a teaching assistant.

How to write it

Draft a copy of your personal statement and then copy it into your application form.  You might want someone to proof read it before hand.

    •  Check the grammar, punctuation and spelling

Don’t copy!

Don’t copy anyone else’s personal statement or from statements posted on the internet. Make sure your personal statement is all your own work.

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