How to Apply

Your References/Referees

You will be asked to name two referees.

  • If you’re still at university or got your degree within the past five years, one reference must be from someone at your university who can comment on your academic ability and potential.
  • The other reference can be from someone who knows you from work, or who can comment on your character and your potential as a teacher.


  • If you’re applying for a School Direct (salaried) route:
  1. One of your references must be from an employer
  2. If it’s from a school you have been or are currently employed by, it must be supplied by the headteacher


  • If you left university more than five years ago, you can choose two referees who know you from work, or who can comment on how suitable you are for teaching. You can still use an academic referee if you think that’s the right thing for you.
  • If you’re providing a reference from a school where you have been employed or have done classroom observation, it should come from the headteacher
  • You mustn’t use family members, friends, partners or ex-partners as referees.


  • It’s important to use the correct email addresses for your referees:
  • do not use an email address that will result in an automated response (e.g. a generic HR address)
  • your references must be done online – make sure your referees know this. All details they need will be in the reference request emails they receive from us


We cannot accept paper or emailed references

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